a big thank you to our


Gosch Ford

Gosch Ford of Escondido is one of our VIP Executive Sponsors for the year! We are very excited to have them on board with us. We see their vision to grow and they see our vision to grow. It’s a win win partnership!

Benefits of being a sponsor


Brand Perception

As a respected leader in our community, we understand your organization and/or company needs to always propel its brand image above and beyond that of other local businesses in the area, to maintain your authority in support of your members and customers.
We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve strategized a creative and refreshing way for you to do exactly that at the first of our signature events and fundraisers for 2023!


Build Local Ethnic Solidarity

— the local Latino community has a buying power that’s steadily growing per capita every fiscal  
   quarter, estimated at 55% of overall community spending

— according to DataUsa.io: The population of Escondido, CA is 51.3% Hispanic or
   Latino, 36.5% White Alone, and 6.77% Asian Alone.


Brand Awareness

(online and off)
— we expect 1000 attendees weekly from the North County area, including, Escondido, Cielo, Bing Crosby, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar and more.
– our local business network is 500 people strong.
— our online social media reach is at 20,000 and counting.


Launch Success

At USA Multicultural, since 2010, our bigger vision and mission is the well-being of every member of our community. To serve and assist the growth of cultural pride as a way for connection and coming together.


Customer Reach

Consider putting your name on our partner list and interactive community directory of vendors and sponsors.  We understand how vitally important it is, the generous yearly support of our private and corporate sponsors.  We greatly appreciate any opportunity to work with you, to assist you in discovering how the values and vision of your organization can best support our North County communities now.  Our joint effort sets the tone for the rest of the year.  We believe your participation will play a vital role in our ongoing community development.


Re-establish strong ties

— remind your local members and customers how much they love your organization or brand.

— keep your business constantly in front of your community.

— show your customer a personal touch and leave the huge, faceless company image behind.