USA Multiculural is a Non Profit Organization to Help our community come together by joining forces with artists, musicians, with residents in our city as a whole with family fun educational events and festivals for a safe haven for all to enjoy.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization (ID #84-3801901) fully funded through donations. There are several ways you can donate to our organization, all of which are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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Escondido is a community of diversity, it is a multicultural community. Hispanics have become the largest group In the city as of 2010, the racial and ethnic diversity in second doesn’t compare to other cities in San Diego.

Escondido is the oldest city in san diego and has a wealth of history. Its rich in agricultural aspects which gives it that home grown feeling when people enter the city. The need for group activities that bring community together is apparent.

The purpose to form functions in the city is to join forces with our residents in forms of arts and festivals. This in turn will help the community come together as a whole. With such camaraderie our neighbors will be more likely to volunteer their time for causes that are needed. With much going on in our busy lives, it is apparent that we need more family time, and enjoy gatherings with friends.

When having such events, this in turn creates great memories for children and adults alike.
Based on our research we have found when families do things together, they stay together and evolve more stronger.

Our community is in need of more family functions, in the way of festivals, street fairs, farmers markets, heritage events to grow our culture and keep our diversified traditions alive.
Our community plays an important role in our society. When our community knows what is happening in our city they are more likely to participate.

Their is a need for artists to live and teach their passion. Unfortunately there are not many venues that exist to help artists live their dream to teach others their artistic traditions either by music or dance. We have an obligation to keep our diversified rich cultures alive and have venues that are affordable to keep the arts in our community, by doing this our artists will not have to worry about rent and focus on teaching their talents to the community.

When you become a member of our various platforms below, your membership goes towards USA Multicultural Projects, Events and Festivals for added success!
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Multicultural Business Association

Assisting businesses in our community to make a bigger impact for the needs of their business for more success in a competitve environment.


Multicultural Women’s Network 

Assisting women to take action and become the CEO of their own life with networking events to enhance their opportunities to in business and personal goals.


enhancement projects

Festivals and Events for the whole family to enrich our community, bringing in unity and togetherness thru  a variety of diversified activities to enrich and strengrthen our community.


multicultural gamers

Helping young adults have a more educational experience with other peers that have the same mindset;  having fun and learning leadership skills in a friendly competitive environment.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future With Our Community, and We’re Doing Something About It


To revitalize local communities and residents of San Diego County who self-organize a daily activity by helping revive the different styles of dance and multicultural activities that make up this country from coast to coast, assisting our Community, our Artists and Instructors by having a safe place to teach and participate in festivals and events. 

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Our Top Priorities

Giving an opportunity for Artists, Musicians and Teachers to show their talents to ALL

Mentoring to establish Leadership Skills

Ballet Folklorico





Middle Eastern


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Cinco De Mayo

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Herencia Mexicana

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Multicultural Holiday Festival

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“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

- Margaret J Wheatley

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