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With the crisis situation as it is, having a festival may not be the first thing on our mind these days. Most of us want an excuse to drink a few Coronas and Margueritas and pound on a piñata. Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is approaching soon and a day of festivities for everyone might be just what the doctor ordered. Cities throughout the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo, also known as the Battle of Puebla. Since there is no way we can make this happen in person for our community, we thought of a way to bring the party to social media and beyond! More than ever we need to destress and do something different to help ease our minds off what’s going on in this uncertainty, even for a short period.

USA Multicultural non profit founder, Angel Aguilar, is proud to announce the first Virtual Festival of this kind, ‘Cinco De Mayo Virtual Festival 2020’.  This year, our second annual Cinco De Mayo festival normally held in Escondido, CA. will be

Virtual Festival via Zoom, Facebook Live AND in person!

Date: May 2nd, 2021
Time: 10:00 am until 2:00 pm
Where: Live on Zoom-  (for entertainers)
Where: Live on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CincoDeMayoNorthCounty/ (for All)
Performers will be on site performing for a selected few!

Our aim is to bring together a diverse and eclectic audience from all over the world. Especially in todays crisis, this unique virtual festival promises to be a memorable cultural experience that helps our community and our world evolve together.
We are honored to deliver this kind of event to think outside the box for a win win for all.

We anticipate 1000’s to join us via Facebook live to watch performers, musicians, singers, dancers, and much more talent to be inspired and empowered.

Angel Aguilar is a multi-award winner recipient from Escondido, California that strives to make a big impact in the community. He is the Founder and CEO of USA Multicultural, a non-profit organization with a 501c(3), #84-380190. USA Multicultural’s mission is to create a safe space and heightened sense of community by providing an outlet for all to practice, enjoy and express the arts thru collaboration. Angel knows the importance of family. Being from Mexican descent, family life is about togetherness. Angel started making free festivals in 2010 to enhance community enhancement and awareness for family fun engagement. His ultimate purpose with these festivals was to form functions in the city, to join forces with our residents in forms of arts and festivals. This in turn has helped the community come together as a whole. With such camaraderie, our neighbors have been volunteering their time for greatly needed causes. With much going on in our busy lives, it is apparent that we need more family time, and enjoy gatherings with friends. When having such events, this in turn creates great memories for children and adults alike. Based on our research we have found when families do things together, they stay together and evolve much stronger.

With support and sponsorship from the community, we can make a bigger impact in our communities and assist families and their members.

USA Multicultural’s Mission and Vision – We value the wellbeing of every member in our community and know your self-respect is of the utmost importance.  Our efforts are to enhance, nourish, and strengthen the people we serve.The connections and self- awareness we inspire are essential to the abundance and growth we’re all entitled to pursue.

We believe this is the first step towards cultivating the change we all yearn for.
Through our experiential education, artistic activities, and local business development we make a fuller life possible for every one of us.

“When we come together and act as one — we finally get things done.”
Angel Aguilar

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