Cinco De Mayo Festival

Join us for our next annual Cinco De Mayo Festival
Grape Day Park, Escondido, California

May 5th, 2024
11-5 pm

Join us for a spectacular celebration at our Annual North County Cinco de Mayo Festival! Immerse yourself in a day filled with vibrant entertainment, lively dancing, delectable food, and a diverse array of vendors. The atmosphere will be electrifying, with the beats of traditional music setting the stage for a memorable experience. Indulge your taste buds in a culinary journey, explore unique offerings from local vendors, and savor the spirit of the occasion in our lively beer garden. Best of all, the festival is free to attend, ensuring that everyone can partake in the festivities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embrace the rich cultural tapestry of Cinco de Mayo while enjoying a day of fun and excitement with friends and family.

Palette of Possibilities

We are proud to present at our Cinco de Mayo Festival “Palette of Possibilities Art Exhibition” Artistic Expression without Limits and Beyond Boundaries. A variety of community members and Mexican artists will showcase their newest art work that will be on display right here at Cinco de Mayo Festival. Meet the artists and see what goes on in these artists minds when they start creating their magic.

We will also have a blank canvas for you to bring your artistic expression ignite Your Creativity and create your magic with every stroke. Artist Suzanne  Nicolaisen- Zanniki will supply her expertise and art items for you for the day.

To Invent the Future, Exhibit the Present

Jodi Levine-Ginther

I was born and raised in Texas and originally moved to San Diego in 1981 after graduating from University of Texas with a B.A. in sociology. I moved to Imperial Valley in 1988, raised two children with my husband, and had a rewarding career in special education until I retired in 1990. I moved back to San Diego in November, 1990. While I have long enjoyed amassing an eclectic collection of art from my travels, I only began making collages/mixed media soon after I retired. I am self-taught and primarily work intuitively. My art is inspired by nature, abstract art, old books, found objects, interesting forms and colors, and just about everything else. I have learned to embrace the mundane and appreciate the playfulness art enables me to experience. Making art has been a joyous journey of experimentation, taking risks, and exploring possibilities. I absolutely love every aspect of creating art!

Facebook: Jodi Ginther
Instagram: @levineginther
Etsy: ColorAndShapebyJODI
Cell: 760-562-1737

Irma Garcia Gogova

Irma Gogova is a 24-year-old artist and bachelor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje, North Macedonia. With a major in painting and graphic design, Irma’s artistic talents extend across various mediums including canvas, stone, wood, leaves, and different objects & materials. She is proficient in acrylic and oil paints, employing a range of techniques to create captivating works of art. Additionally, Irma showcases her creativity through sculptures, murals, graphics.

Beyond her visual artistry, Irma is a skilled tattoo, piercing & permanent make up artist as a main hobby as well as vocalist, sharing her passion for music through performances with a band and earning recognition for her talents, including winning a local talent show in 2018.

Cell: 760 222 7267