Rudy Moreno 

NAME: Rudy Moreno
SPOUSE: Kenia Moreno, Assistant Coach
BOXING CLUB: Vista Boxing Club, Head Coach
HOBBIES: Teaching the sweet science of boxing.
GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: watching these young kids become champions both in and out of the ring.
FUTURE GOALS: Send one of my boxers to the Olympics and or see them become a World Champion

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Rudy Moreno stands as a highly accomplished and seasoned amateur boxing coach, bringing an impressive 20 years of coaching expertise to the forefront. His coaching journey is distinguished by a remarkable track record of producing international, national, regional, and state champions, reflecting his unwavering commitment to nurturing athletes’ potential and guiding them towards their highest level of performance.

Following 20 years of distinguished military service, Rudy started a non-profit youth program Helping Everyone Reach Opportunity (HERO), specifically for disadvantaged youths in his community. Rudy transitioned seamlessly from a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force into a volunteer coach, where he implemented boxing into his program to instill discipline, encouragement, and accountability. His efforts have had a significant impact on the boxing community. Serving as the Head Coach at Vista Boxing Club in Vista, California, Rudy has left an indelible mark on the sport. Under his leadership, athletes across diverse age groups and skill levels have thrived in a positive and motivating training environment. Rudy’s personalized training programs have been instrumental in honing athletes’ skills, physical abilities, and tactical knowledge, while his mentorship has instilled discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. His dedication to his athletes is evident in the fact that his boxers have secured muti-national championship titles, a testament to Rudy’s exceptional coaching abilities and unwavering commitment.

Prior to his retirement and tenure at Vista Boxing Club, Rudy served as a Coach for the All-Air Force Boxing Team at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, from 2004 to 2011. In this role, Rudy’s leadership was paramount as he worked with world-class athletes, ensuring smooth operations and effective team management. His collaborative approach with the coaching staff led to the optimization of team performance through innovative training drills and game plans.

Rudy’s commitment to professional development is underscored by his USA Boxing Level III Coaches Certification, reflecting his dedication to staying abreast of the latest coaching techniques and methodologies. His extensive coaching experience in boxing, coupled with a proven ability to develop athletes’ skills, improve performance, and achieve championship success, positions him as a highly sought-after candidate for coaching positions. Rudy’s excellent leadership and communication skills, combined with his profound understanding of game strategy and tactics, talent identification expertise, and passion for fostering a positive team culture, make him exceptionally well-equipped to make a significant impact on any athletic program.


Victor “TONY BOY” Villagomez

NAME: Victor “TONY BOY” Villagomez
AGE: 11 years old
SCHOOL: Springs Charter Vista, 6th grade
BOXING CLUB: Vista Boxing Club
COACH: Rudy Moreno Aka: Grandpa
HOBBIES: Skateboarding and Basketball
GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: ranked #1 in the nation
FUTURE GOALS: To compete in the 2032 Olympics

Victor “Tony Boy” Villagomez, aged 11, embodies the spirit of a true fighter, both inside and outside the ring. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in boxing, Tony Boy was practically born with gloves on, throwing his first punches at the astonishing age of 2. His grandfather and coach Rudy Moreno knew he had something special within Tony. From that moment on, his journey as a boxer began, marked by determination, skill, and an unwavering passion for the sport. Over the past three years, Tony Boy has carved out a remarkable path in the world of youth boxing, competing in a series of prestigious USA Boxing Tournaments and leaving a trail of victories in his wake. His accomplishments speak volumes about his talent and dedication:

• Sugarbert Championships: 1st place
• National Junior Olympics: 3rd place
• Gold & Silver Championships: 1st place
• CA State Silver Gloves: 1st place
• Region 8 Silver Gloves: 1st place
• National Silver Gloves: 2nd place

• Title Boxing Invitational: 1st place
• Southern Cal State Championships: 1st place
• CA State Silver Gloves: 1st place (2x)
• Region 8 Silver Gloves: 1st place (2x)
• US National Championships: 2nd place

• National Silver Gloves: 2nd place
• Title Boxing Invitational: 1st place
• National Junior Olympics: 1st place
• Southern Cal State Championships: 1st place
• Guerra En La Frontera International: 1st place
• Gene Lewis Tournament: 2nd place


In 2023, Tony Boy’s exceptional performance earned him the prestigious rank of #1 in the Nation, a testament to his skill and tenacity in the ring. Despite facing challenges along the way, Tony Boy’s current record of 25 wins and 10 losses reflects his resilience and determination to succeed.
As Tony Boy continues to pursue his passion for boxing, he serves as an inspiration to aspiring young athletes everywhere, proving that with hard work, dedication, and a fighting spirit, anything is possible in and out of the ring.


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